When Will My Order Arrive? - Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours after being placed. We cannot guarantee a certain day at which the package is to arrive, so please order accordingly, to our shipping options. For standard shipping, orders will arrive in 5-8 days after being shipped. We also offer a 2 day delivery shipping option. 

Can My Order Be Delivered On an Exact Date? - No. We cannot guarantee delivery on a certain day as shipping times vary depending on location. However all orders are delivered within the dates that we state. To ensure that your order arrives close to or on the day that you want it to arrive, please place your order in accordance with our shipping options. 

Will The Person That I Am Sending The Potato To, Know That I Was The One Who Sent It To Them?That is up to you! The orders can be anonymous or not. We will never show your shipping address as the return address. It will only show our shipping address and the recipient's on the package. We will also never show your email. That is why it is very important to enter YOUR email and the RECIPIENT'S shipping address at checkout. If you want the person to know that it was from you, simply write your name in the message. For example "Love, Stacy."

Where Is My Order Confirmation? - All customers get an automatic email sent to the email entered on the order that reflects the details of your order. If you did not get the email, please make sure that we are on your email's "safelist" and that the emails are not going into your SPAM folder. 

How Can I Track My Order? - Tracking is included and shipped via Canada Post for our standard and 2 day delivery option. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order is shipped. 

Will The Potato Arrive In A Package? - Yes, it will. If there is no package, then it will arrive damaged to your recipient! All packages are protective so your potato won't arrive mashed!

How Many Words Can Fit On My Potato? - We have a 130 character limit for the writing on the potato. 

Whose Shipping Address and Email Do I Enter At Checkout?At Potato Parcel, we love sending potato messages to other people. So please enter the RECIPIENT'S shipping address, so that the potato can go to them (Unless you are sending a potato to yourself!) Enter YOUR email on shipping information. If you enter the recipient's email in the shipping information, then they will get the order confirmation email and know that you are sending them the potato. You don't want to ruin the surprise!

Where Do I Enter My Potato Message? - On the product page, where it says "Enter your custom message here."Please remember to do this or we cannot process your order. For Potato Postcard and Potato Pal orders (requires an image upload), a message is optional. If you just want the image on the potato, that is all that is required. 

Can I Eat The Potato I Receive? - No. We do not recommend eating these potatoes as they have ink and can pick up bacteria during the shipping process. We are not liable for any sickness if you eat the potatoes!

*** Please note that we do not process orders if they include threatening messages that will scare or harass people. If someone emails us saying that they feel threatened by your message and demands to know who sent them a potato, we may reveal your identity. This is on a case by case basis. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at: canada@potatoparcel.com